Environmental & Social Responsibility

The Victorian Phoenix Water Polo Club is the Australia’s newest club to enter the Australian Water Polo League. The club is a mixture of youth and experience. The board, all water polo stalwarts, like in many sporting codes, come from a diversity of professional backgrounds.

We are bound together by our love of water polo and have a shared understanding that performance in the pool is not the only responsibility of the club. The club is also aiming to excel in environmental and social responsibility.

With our sustainable sport partner Green Planet Sport we are working to:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the end goal of keeping warming below 1.5 degrees

2. Protect and reduce our impact on the natural world through responsible consumption

3. Support people, planet, pathways AND performance in the pool

We are also considering the ideas and values of all the people who play with and support Phoenix and will be seeking ways to support diversity, equity and inclusion.

The club is volunteer driven, so the work and building of strategy will take time. We want our plans to be achievable, authentic and create real change.