Game On Ball Recycling Project

It’s a Code Red for humanity and an Emergency on Planet Sport.

At the Victorian Phoenix Water Polo Club we know we have a lot to save. The future depends on all of us taking climate action. Our actions help protect the planet, the places that we play and young people who play our game.

That’s why we have entered a #planetsaving partnership with Game On Recycling to help stem the flow of sporting waste into landfill. Game on Recycling is aiming to recycle 35 tonnes of sporting waste by March 2023, they will repurpose and recycle used sporting equipment, diverting it from landfill.

One Season One Efforts

In Season One many of our Water Polo community cleaned out their ball cages, sheds and the boots of their cars and for the last home game of the season (March 27, 2022) brought in water polo balls that needed to be retired from the game.

A promotional partnership with Kap7 provided the opportunity for 3 participating individuals and clubs to win a Kap7 hydro grip championship ball, one of the longest lasting balls in the game. Balls were awarded to the club of one randomly selected ball, the best decorated “planet earth” ball and the best “climate slogan” ball.

A total of 160 balls equaling 72kgs of waste was collected on the day.

The club was the first elite sports club to run a ball collection activation with Game On Recycling in Australia. It has been a catalyst for:

  • Conversations with athletes and the water polo community who have expressed concerned about recycling more than just water polo balls at the venues we play at – for example single use plastic water bottles and separated waste on pool deck
  • An understanding of the high value placed on water polo balls in the water polo community. Balls from 2007 and even earlier came from the MSAC cage, clubs, peoples sheds and gardens.
  • The Melbourne Sports Centres and Game On Recycling installing collection receptacles for end of life sports equipment to be dropped off at MSAC and Parkville State Hockey and Netball centre. We encourage all our members to utilise the bin at MSAC to drop off old water polo balls and other inflates during the Australian Water Polo League Season.
  • Melville Water Polo Club in Western Australia collecting worn out equipment throughout 2022, including through an activation supported by Kap7 and Water Polo Australia during #AYC2023

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Some more about our partnership:

Game On Recycling pilot program that aims to create a national recycling scheme for sports equipment. It is a partnership between Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Together, these two visionary organisations are forging ahead to make Australia’s sport equipment industry a global leader in sustainability. The Game On project is financially supported by ANZRP, Wilson Sporting Goods Co, and a governmental grant from the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund. Go check them out at!