Partnership Leads to a Stronger Victorian Phoenix

The Victorian Phoenix Water Polo Club is excited to announce a 3 year partnership with Stronger Healthcare to assist in the management and healthcare of the Phoenix players.

Stronger is a collaboration of health care professionals sharing a similar goal, to make you stronger. Whether you have injured yourself on the sporting field or your joints ache from the onset of arthritis, Stronger provide excellence in musculoskeletal treatments from therapies to injections and surgery.

The athletes selected in the Phoenix squads each year will be provided with:

  • expert advice around the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, including access to strength and conditioning spaces,
  • the provision of sports medicine, and where necessary surgical management of injuries, in conjunction with allied health treatment/rehabilitation, with a no Gap agreement,
  • optimised return to play outcomes, and
  • game day medical support.

Victorian Phoenix President Gary Barclay said “This partnership is a terrific outcome for the club’s players and ensures a fit and healthy team throughout the AWL season. Stronger are a very well respected organisation and as leaders in their field, will assist us greatly to develop our team members going forward.”

Stronger’s Shane Blackmore said “The team at Stronger are excited about our partnership with Victorian Phoenix. I feel our values are well aligned, with both being relatively new enterprises but having a wealth of experience, expertise and desire to be at the top of our game. With a team of therapists, sports medicine doctors and surgeons I’m confident this partnership will see the Victorian Phoenix creating success in and out of the pool.”

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